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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 28, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good tuesday morning to you. it's 5:00 a.m. and it's already busy on the highways out there. thank for being here. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. we have two sig alerts on the east bay. >> that's right. i'm going to get to the first one. the first one is on san leandro on 880. a fiery crash took place involving multiple vehicle and multiple injuries as well. we hear at least three games are going to be -- three lanes are going to be swept, but they have called for a sweeper truck to help clean up this mess, but the
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deborrow and the accident is still being investigated right now and we do have amy hollyfield that will bring us more details in a few minutes. thank you. and the weather. >> the marine layer is 1,800 feet right now. it will get cloudy during the morning commute. thankfully, no fog out there. you can see the winds on the roof camera. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. by noon we're going to stay in the mid to upper 50s. sunshine in the afternoon hours. rest of us will be mostly sunny, 62 to 72 for our bay inland neighborhoods around noon. kind of chilly this evening especially cared to last evening. we want to take you back to that fiery crash on interstate 880. amy hollyfield is live there on the scene. amy, what's going ob?
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>> reporter: look behind me. it's a parking lot. right there that is northbound 880 and you see the big reds that are stopped. you see the movement the cars on the right, those are reverse lights. those are cars who have decided to give up on trying to get on on this onramp, they are driving in reverse to try to exit this situation. they don't have a great way to go. other cars have tried to do the same and they are just sitting there. there aren't a lot of good situations here. the best advice is to not come here at all. these people probably did not learn that though until it was too late. they are trying to make their situation better but it's not looking good. let me show you the video of what happened. a fiery crash here on northbound 880. it was a chain reaction accident and now cars and tow trucks are blocking all lanes of traffic. one car did burst into flames. one person had to be extricated
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from a damaged car and taken to the hospital. they believe it started from a solo spin-out and dominoed from there. they are trying to ease the pain if possible before people get completely stuck. they are allowing big rigs on 580 for now until this is cleared up but no word when that is going to be. you do not want to end up like these poor people. if you could avoid northbound 880 through san leandro, do it. reporting live in san leandro amy hollyfield. developing news in baltimore. national guard troops are on the ground throughout the city following violence that broke off following yesterday's funeral for a black man who died in police custody. firefighters are still do you saying -- dousing flames. last night's game between the white sox and/or yols was
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postponed because of safety concerns. 15 police officers were hurt and two dozen people were arrested. tonight, a 10:00 p.m. curfew take effect. the demonstrations were sparked after the death of 25-year-old freddie gray. this here is the front page of this morning's "baltimore sun". the headline riots erupt. baltimore's mayor called yesterday one of city's darkest days but said the mayor is confident that the will of good can overcome the destructive interests of a few. students are holding a peace rally at stanford university today as the university investigates a possible hate crime, swastikas painted on a house. >> kristen, many students are stunned that something like this
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could happen at stanford. let's take a look at the images. the swastikas were painted in gold on a fraternity house. sae is not a jewish fraternity. the university and campus police are investigating the vandalism as a possible hate crime. >> it's just very saddening to me. i mean my parents are from iran and left that country because it wasn't open, really to jews anymore, and so i don't think they would have ever expected that at stanford so many years later we would be dealing with these types of incidents. >> the student residential building, la casa italiano same gold paint was used to create another symbol of paint.
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the president says this level of incivility has no place here at stanford. students will rally later tonight hoping to send a message that hate doesn't belong on their campus. happening today, the nation's highest court will hear a landmark case that could decide the legality of same-sex marriage once and for all. at issue is whether or not same sex couples have the constitutional right to marry. the high court will also consider whether states must recognize marriages performed elsewhere. a stn forward freshman will be at the hearing to speak up for her mothers who have been engaged for 20 years. >> it's not good enough for my parents who were denied every single insurance and married
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couples could get. after flack he's says their company still wouldn't recognize t. >> oral arguments will begin later this morning at 7:00. rallies against and for same-sex marriages have been planned at capitol hill. authorities say at least 4,400 are now dead following saturday's powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake in nepal. reuters was told the death toll could reach 10,000. hundreds of thousands are still camping outside without clean water or sanitation. officials say so many relief flights are now arriving att that it's creating major backups on the tarmac. several bay area residents are trying to help out as many as they can. this man is part of a contingent
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of climbers who survived avalanche. he's staying to help efforts. his friend and fellow climber scott holder is also from santa rosa. he dezended the day before the quake hit because he was coming down with a head cold. he believe the decision may have save his life. so many people around the world warn to do what they can to help, if you visit our website, we have a list of some the organizations working in that area along with link to help you donate. elected officials from the south bay will be in sacramento today looking to fast track a proposal to add treated wastewater to the water supply. proponents say the water will be safe to drink and will create a more reliable supply in silicon valley as the drought continues.
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purry fieed wastewater will go to an under ground reservoir near the airport and other sites south. an expansion of the aquifer will cost $8 million and three years to build. check on traffic. both 880 and 80 are trouble spots. >> yes, they are. both of which have sig alerts. we have an update by chp that one lane has reopened, the number four lane that would be on the far right-hand side. if you are traveling in you are going to be met with bumper-to-bumper traffic. we're told it's a parking lot. cars that were trying to reverse themselves to get off at davis. that's where traffic is detoured. if you've not gotten on 880 yet, avoid it. take 580 instead. seven vehicles were involved in
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it. five were totaled. people were trapped and injuries were involved here. we have one lane that gets you by. this sig alert means one or more lanes are going to be shut down for 30 minutes or more. this accident happened more than two hours ago and we're seeing the results of that terrible traffic. 580 you can see that is a must better alternate as well. we take you quickly into hercules, another two-car crash involving a car fire. good morning everybody. let's talk temperatures. how about inland east bay, low to mid 50s just about everywhere from danville at 51 same thing at black hawk, pleasant hill ramon, an at this -- . 50
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right now. newark 54. half moon bay, 50. here's what's going to happen today, the marine layer is out there and it's gert thicker. clouds will slowly clear the bay and we'll have high clouds this afternoon. 64 to 75 in the south bay. the heat will subside inland 70 to inland. 64 arp san francisco where you felt the chill yesterday afternoon. temperatures dropping 20 degrees. here we go. wents and a lot like today and look at the winds 70s on the coast, and 90s elsewhere. it's 5:11 now. an unopened box of wheaties is fetching hundreds of dollars on ebay. we'll show you why it's suddenly so hot. another protest against the leader of the catholic church in san francisco.
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the people who are leading this large demonstration. and abc 7 news now showing us a live look at the bay. we do have some clouds out there as you can see from the top of the bay bridge. stay on
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market neighborhood yesterday evening. police investigated and emergency crews responded. this is not the right video. that is video from baltimore, but back here in san francisco where we have that bicycle stabbing, officers found a man with a stab wound in the alleyway, he died at the scene. the area is adjacent to the san francisco chronicle and it's believed some of the security cameras caught the exchange between the suspect and the victim. no arrests have been made. a federal appeals court is being asked to delay surgery for an inmate being undergoing gender reassignment surgery. this is the second time a court has ordered a state to pay for the surgery. a similar case in massachusetts is headed for the u.s. supreme court. there are more protests
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against the francisco. teachers are upset over a clause in the contract condemning birth control, abortion and same-sex marriage. the arch by shop says he's willing to change the -- adjust the language of the clause to protect teacher's rights. right now, here's this morning's america's money report. >> good morning, bigger is apparently better. >> both versions of the iphone 6 featuring larger screens have outsold old models. >> apple says it sold more than 61 million i phones. >> shi poet lee -- chipotle has announced it will stop using gmo
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ingredients. and seeking to cash in on bruce jenner. >> we have several wheaties boxes up for sale. >> the box is declaring bruce jenner is on the wheaties teams. two boxes for $200. >> i believe it goes up more than that. boy you've got a tough commute ahead if you are on the east bay. >> let's check in with leyla with the latest. >> reporter: northbound side of 880 on davis street is completely reopen. we're taking a live look at the freeway. this is where we have a multiple vehicle crash. it was involving at least seven cars. five of which totaled. it started with the spin-out in the center divider and several other vehicles crashed noob it and caused a major inferno
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there. all lanes were shut down at the time. it looks like all that traffic is now dissipated. 580 which was your alternate. it looks like you can get back on the nimitz let's take a check of weather with mike. >> reporter: let's talk about weather and the way it's starting. look at the wind, 24 miles per hour in fairfield 13 in concord, 10 in sfo. most of them are blowing to the east. which means the sea breeze is back. it's not fog-like. you do have a nice cross wind at about 14 miles per hour. out at the coast, around half moon bay, pacifica the clouds are a little lower you may have a little drizzle along 1, the
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great highway during the morning commute. mostly sunny tomorrow with cooling spreading. the high temperatures will reverse thursday and friday. this weekend looks pretty seasonal. all seven days are dry. it's going to be cooler today and tomorrow. down in the south bay low to mid 70s, that's pretty close to average, that's about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. make it to 80 around gil roy. 75 in san jose. the breeze's really start to affect san ma tate yo -- mat clouds are most stub aborn the peninsula and the coast. 64 downtown. breezes keep up in the upper
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50s. low to mid 70s, inland. we can be around this upper 70s near 80 degrees. mid to sup -- upper 60s along the east bay shoreline. we'll have mid to supper -- upper 70s in the fairfield neighborhoods. as far as tonight's game, dress warmer. >> 60 at 7:05. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. the summer pattern will continue through tomorrow and an off shore breeze will bring us 70s. we'll see a cooling saturday, sunday, and monday. 5:20, straight ahead seven things to know as you start your day. >> also, the shocking elimination on "dancing with the stars." as you get your day into gear, get your weather and traffic throughout the commercial break with abc news. you see here in the plaza where th
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it is now 5:23, let's make it. whether you are just joining us or heading out the door seven things to know. number one several people were hurt after a major accident involving five accidents on interstate 880 in san leandro. one. cars burst into flames. this accident happened around 3:00 this morning. crews just cancel the alert. that is what the freeway looks right now on the on ramp. traffic is flowing once again and we do not see any delays as a result. 580 which was your alternate, no need for that. another sig alert that we had in hercules that has also canceled. details straight ahead. quite a change from yesterday. check out our temperatures 9 to 16 degrees cooler. we'll talk about how long this is going to last and find some rain, we'll try in your accuweather seven-day forecast.
5:24 am
national guard troops are fanned out around baltimore following violence that broke off at -- broke out after the funeral of freddie gray. a 10:00 p.m. begins tonight. all eyes are on the u.s. supreme court this morning. the high court will take up whether or not same sex couples have the constitutional right to marry. the high court will also explore whether states that do not permit same-sex marriages must recognize unions performed legally elsewhere. number 6, today, state education officials will be around california to help students two days after corinthian announce it will be shutting down schools. number 7, the warriors are scrimmaging this morning trying to stay fresh for the western conference semifinals. they will have at least a week off before starting round two.
5:25 am
they are awaiting the winner of the memphis portland series. tonight, michael finney investigates fast-growing tools for raising money. we're talking about crowd funding. >> billions of dollars can quickly put huge sums of money into the hands of ordinary people. michael will show us how a young soikist use the power of crowd funding to help people he didn't even know. now a spectacular shot of the bay area from the international space station. >> scott kelly tweeted the photo of the bay area as the iss passed over yesterday. along with the photo he wrote i almost felt like i was with you as we flew overhead. the iss is more than 200 miles up and makes 15 rounds a >> and scott kelly is mark
5:26 am
kelly's twin the husband of gabby giffords. we'll coming back with another full 90 monies of news. >> the changes san francisco leaders will rule on today that will impact every single person eating and sleeping in the city. and a live look from our roof top camera here at abc 7. look at the flag on one of the buildings on the embarcadero. you are
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good morning on this tuesday, it's 5:28 thank so much for starting your day with us. i'm kristen sze.
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>> i'm eric thompson. leyla has been very busy this morning. >> this is not the way we wanted to start our tuesday morning commute. here's a live picture right now from the 880 freeway. this is in san leandro right near davis street and right now you can see all those cars, they are moving in the northbound direction once again after a complete shutdown after 880 freeway at davis because of a seven-car pile-up that resulted in at least five injuries and a fiery crash as well. all lanes have reopened and traffic once again flowing through. no delays on the southbound side. now we're getting word through the airport weather has been busy overnight. look at the marine layer coming back. it's getting to the point where we're going to start climbing over the east bay hills. increasing clouds and breeziness for all of us.
5:30 am
temperatures in the low to mid 50s. we'll stay in the mid 50s at the coast. by the time we get to noon we'll be in the mid 60s around the bay to low 70s inland. we'll stay pretty much in the mid to upper 60s around the bay. up to 15 to 16 degrees cooler. back to our top story now. let's go right outside to the 880 freeway in san leandro. amy hollyfield is live at the scene on the very latest with the drivers involved. >> northbound 880 behind me is open and looking good. hard to believe we're looking at the same freeway we saw just 30 minutes ago. it looked like a parking lot. no one was going anywhere but it now looks good. take a look at the video of the accident. it was a fiery crash involving about 7 cars. they believe it started from a solo spin-out and then the chain reaction happened from there. this was at the davis on ramp in san leandro and we're told five people were hurt accordingly to the alameda county fire
5:31 am
department. one person is in critical condition. one moderate injuries and three suffered minor injuries. at one point all lanes of traffic were blocked because of the cars and the tow truck and the investigation going on. it was looking pretty bleak for commuters here for a while. they just recently cleared it all off the freeway. you can now go through without any problems. reporting live in san leandro amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. baltimore is under a state of emergency this morning, national guard troops patrolling the treats after violence erupts and police are attack. all of this sparked by a death of a suspect in police custody. we're live with the very latest. >> the rioters outnumbered the police last night and did a lot of damage to the city of baltimore. several buildings burned overnight, businesses were looted and streets were trashed. protesters threw things like bricks and bottles at police officers.
5:32 am
15 of them were hurt and two had to be hospitalized. the violence started after the funeral of freddie gray. a 25-year-old man who died in police custody. he suffered a still unexplained spinal injury after his arrest and was not given immediate medical treatment. still, his parents are disturbed by the violence in their city. >> i want you to get justice for my son but don't do it like this here. >> the governor declared a state of emergency and called in the maryland national guard. they are on the ground now and will help enforce a 10:00 p.m. curfew starting tonight. the riots postponed last night's orioles game. here you see the gates being shut at camden yards. it could be moved because curfew and safety concerns or played at an earlier time for today's game. public schools are closed in
5:33 am
baltimore and police presence has been stepped up in preparation for more possible riots. thank you. it's 5:33. in nepal the death toll continues to escalate. authorities say at least 4,400 are now dead following saturday's powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake. the nepalese prime minister told reuters the death toll could reach 10,000. united nations estimates 8 million are affected and nearly 1.5 million need food hundreds of thousands are still sleeping outside without sanitation. around the bay area, members of the nepalese community are gathering and grieving together. organizer 20 rrks,000 nepalese live in northern california. dozens of them gathered in a restaurant to hold a moment of silence and coordinate fundraising and relief efforts.
5:34 am
>> whatever we can collect to send them that's the reason we are here. >> i watched all the news and all the places i grew up was all in dust. we tried to contact our family and couldn't get ahold of anyone. >> a separate vigil was also held by a nepalese youth organization. >> so many people want to do what they can to help visit our website at abc 7 you can see a list of the organizations that are working in that area along with link to help you donate. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the nepal earthquake on the air and on line at abc 7 breaking news updates at twitter at abc 7 news bay area. 5:43 is our -- 5:34 is our time. one person has died and one is in the hospital after the car they were hit was hit by the a amtrak train. it happened last night in
5:35 am
unincorporated solano county. one person was ejected. that person died. another person was trapped inside the mangled car. emergency crews had to use the jaws of life to get them out. that person was flown to the uc davis medical center in sacramento. a young man accused of stabbing a nine-year-old boy in discovery bay has revealed his motive. he said he killed his best friend's brother to see what it was like. he says he is remoreful and wishes he hadn't done it. he was stabbed inside his home on monday. just the day before, the deputies received a mental health call from schultz's family. >> apparently his family wanted the deputies to check his mental health status. the deputy spoke to him and based on that contact they determined that he did not meet the criteria for welfare and institutions code 5150. you have to have some kind of threat to themselves or to
5:36 am
others or that they are gravely disabled. >> schultz is being held at the martinez jail on $1 million bail. an elementary school teacher in the east bay who claims he was comforting students is facing criminal charges this morning. police say derek hunter inappropriately touched girls in his fourth grade class at lake elementary school in san pablo. students say upper would have them sit in his lap. zblp state education officials will be at more than a dozen locations to help students two days after corinthian colleges announced they were shutting down their schools in the state. students will be picking up transcripts and discuss options for continuing their education. 16,000 students attend colleges and vocational schools run by corinthian. they were notified on sunday that corinthian schools would be
5:37 am
closed starting yesterday. san francisco's public utilities commissions is expected to approve a new set of mandatory water restrictions later on today. the new measures are being proposed in direct response to the state's call to conserve more water due to the drought. outdoor watering is band for 48 hours after it rains. restaurants may only serve water to customers when requested. and hotels are to provide options for the have their towels laundered every day. >> east bay estimates iers have only conserved 6% of water this year far short of the 20% goal set by the district. the district will consider $25
5:38 am
million to buy water from other districts today. busy on the freeways this morning, a couple of sig alerts. here's the latest. >> here's some impressive video that was shot jerl this morning -- earlier this morning, a sig alert that happened right around 3:00. the car, it was an explosive car fire. at least seven vehicles were involved here with multiple injuries. all lanes on northbound 880 at davis street where this occurred as reopened. is right now traffic is flowing and it looks nothing like this scene. we had multiple emergency crews on scene as well, it was really quite the site and quite the jam. now i'm going to take you into san jose right now where we've got a new sig alert this is involving a commercial truck and a motorcycle. it's on 101 freeway just past 880. you can see the head lights there as they jam up toward roja road. this is a truck involving a motorcycle. this sig alert will be in effect
5:39 am
until further notice. follow me on twitter and abc 7 for all the details. latest on weather. thanks very much. the weather, it's moving, but not quite like traffic this morning. 46 in pet alum ma and mill valley, the cool spots up north everyone else around 50 and 51 degrees. good morning san francisco, fairfield, breptwood, san ra memo you are also around 50 to 55 degrees. in fact there's going to be possibly some fog tomorrow morning across the north bay but looking south on 101, through san rafael it's pretty clear, it's pretty foggy. coast in san francisco is going to be breezy but the clouds will open slowly this afternoon. 57 at the coast. 64 at san francisco and around the bay and 64 around the east bay to 75 in the south bay.
5:40 am
clouds they are topping the east bay hills and you see them cascading into the valley. so everybody is getting cloudy as we talked about for the morning commute. we'll repeat this tomorrow. temperatures about the same and look at the winds. they reverse. blow off shore. the clouds go away. we'll have 70s near the coast and 80s and 90s in the inland. here's more news. it's california is a ballot initiative away from letting pot users light up legally. also the warriors hit the court today to practice for their next playoff series. when fans can start snagging the hottest tickets in town. and you are looking live at san francisco international airport under a layer of clouds so you can expect delays this morning when which we'll talk to mike about when
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at welcome back. it's 5:43 now. in the east bay, voters are rejected a ballot measure that would have kept two fire districts open. 53% voted again the proposal that would have generated more than $20 million over five years for the fire department.
5:44 am
officials say station 54 in brentwood will remain closed and station 94 in nightton will also close very soon. that will leave the county with three remaining fire stations in oakley, discovery bay and brentwood. four firefighter positions will be eliminated by july 1st. scott wiener will propose a panel to deal specifically with marijuana legalization. he said the 19-member task force would deal with all the issues in the city should pot be legalized. there will be a proposition to legalize pot by 2016. he wants the city to be ready for cannabis tourism and pot festivals. this morning, the warriors will hold another practice at the team's training facility in preparation for the western conference semifinal. >> that's right, the second round of the playoffs beginning sunday in oracle arena. if it goes to seven games, they will play game one against the winner on tuesday.
5:45 am
the grizzlies lead the trail blazers three games to one. if the warriors win eight more games in the playoffs, then they will be in the nba finals exclusive here on abc 7. and our live coverage begins on june 4th. >> if they win? they are going to win. >> when. tickets go on sale tomorrow, season ticket holders have first priority, or you can join 12,000 others on a priority waiting list. those tickets will be available tomorrow afternoon. you can also join the warrior insiders and maybe get tickets thursday morning. if there are any left, they will go on sale thursday afternoon. and thanks to the warriors, a change of plans for bart. the transit hags has called off this weekend's closure because they may have a home playoff game. the next closure will be may 9th through the 10th. as the warriors advance we want to see your fan photos. here are some you've already sent in thank you very much for that. post them to facebook twitter or instagram with the #doves on
5:46 am
7 so we can find them. i like the nail polish painted in the warriors colors and themes. >> was that you? >> no i wish i could do that. no time to paint my nails. you know how that goes when you are a mom. >> no i really don't. >> you know you know. >> i've seen it. >> i've witnessed it but haven't been part of that. >> all right. hey, it's cooling down. yesterday was quite warm in the afternoon, mike. >> absolutely. except for san francisco along the coast where the sea breeze came back and knocked our temperatures down about 20 degrees from a high of 76 1:00 to 57 degrees by the time we got to 4:00. everybody else was warm. now, that sea breeze you can see it on live doppler 7, 24 miles in fairfield and pet alum ma you can see the thin cloud deck out there has the marine
5:47 am
layer is running around 1,900 to 2,000 feet high. it's going to hang around for the better part of the morning commute. it will become mostly sunny and those breezes will be the constant. that's why the cooling will spread to all of our neighborhoods as we head throughout the today. high temperatures will rebound thursday and friday. this weekend, they will rebound, reverse once again back to seasonal levels. dry all seven days. look at the cloud cover and how expense -- extensive it gets by 9:00. even at the coast we'll see some clearing from north to south with the peninsula coast, being socked in the better part of the afternoon. that's why you are in the 50s while the rest of us in 60s and 70s. start down in the south bay we'll go 80 in gil roy, 78 morgan hill, 77 -- 70s for the rest of us. real breezy. you can see the upper 50s along
5:48 am
the coast today, mid 70s around downtown, south san francisco. low to mid 70s. we'll flirt with 80. 67 degrees in oakland and fremont and we'll have mid to upper sifts for -- 70s for most of our east bay neighborhoods. game tonight dropping down to 55. angels in town. the josh hamilton list angel in town to take on the a's. we are staying pretty much status quo tomorrow. roller coaster continues. we've got a roller coaster of a ride this morning across the bay area. here's a look right now at san jose, this is 101 just north of 880, the nimitz freeway.
5:49 am
we have a significant alert -- sig alert involving a motorcycle that was hit by a commercial truck. we have one vehicle with flashing lights possibly stalled. another possible crash up ahead farther hed from that motorcycle crash. we've got backups from at least 880 let's go to other parts around the bay area andic auto show you traffic is backing up. that drive going to take you 13 minutes to make it into the city. an earlier sig aleveret that we had has been canceled. it was in san leandro, it involved seven vehicle and a car fire and big flames. all lanes are reopened. we'll send it back to you kristen and eric. all right.
5:50 am
thank you. it's 5:49 now. coming up new at 6:00. improving the way your kids learn. >> the addition coming to california schools to keep class sizes down and test scores up. >> first, another sign of times in the bay area, the local institution being forced out after more than 100 years in the same building. >> you can keep tabs on weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial break with abc 7 news now
5:51 am
5:52 am
it's 5:52, good morning to you. a san francisco jeweler is leaving the building named after it because the rent is too high. shreve and company is looking
5:53 am
for a new home. they moved there in 1906. now it's looking for cheaper rent in the area after new york jeweler harry winston offered more for the shreeve building than they want to pay to stay there. >> it's the sign of the times in san francisco. no business is immune to that. and shreve is a perfect example of that. >> they will remain at its current location until the middle of next year. oh now to a shocking night on "dancing with the stars" after high-scoring young actress was given the boot. >> willow and mark. >> wow. can you believe it? in a surprise twist, the youngest contest tant was sent home last night. she spent the major of the season in the top half of the leaderboard but the 14-year-old star she's she was surprised by
5:54 am
the elimination yet she's taking it all in stride. >> i don't know what's going to happen because i'm only 14 but i know that this is going to be one of most memorable moments. i mean i had so much fun and i can explain to you how much confidence i've gained as a 14-year-old from week one until now. olymp partner won the night. the celebration starts tonight at 8:00 right here on abc 7. at 5:54 dancing that much can work up a sweat especially if you had the weather we had yesterday afternoon. >> yesterday. you can see the flow. the clouds dancing across the hills. that's going to drop our temperatures from nine to 16 degrees. we go from 70s and 80s to 60s and 70s almost made 90 in concord yesterday. cloudy conditions over san jose
5:55 am
right now especially 87 near the shark tank. we're going to have high amounts of tree pollen. traveling around the state, we're going to have 86 in l.a., a little breezy once again. monterey 63 and tahoe 71. this is what happens when one lane gets blocked, a sig alert is in effect after a commercial truck hit a motorcycle. let me take you right over to our map and i can show you exactly what that looks like so we've got solid red. now we're starting to see some delays coming up from story road. 19 miles per hour is going to be your top scene. if you have a flight to catch at the airport, i suggest give yourself extra time. thank you very much. 5:55 now.
5:56 am
a texas a&m professor has failed his entire class. he informed his students by email. he says students have cheated, acted inappropriately in class, have spread rumors about his wife on line. students about to graduate were shocked. there is good news for them. administrators said the failing grades won't stick. a substitute will fill in for the rest of the semester. >> some people are appalled and others are good for that professor. german auto maker audi definitely knows where the money is. >> it's rolling out a new on demand luxury car rental service for san franciscoans. for only $1,300 a day you can take this audi spider out for a spin. it's launching its luxury service in san francisco bay area. the wealth here in the bay area
5:57 am
helps as well. renters can have a deliver it right to their doors. >> did you say just? >> yes only. new at 6:00, bullying to blame, the dangerous condition that leave your kids feeling the impact long after the bullying is left behind. we have consumer reports for exclusive coverage. taking a live look outside. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is starting to stack up. as we head to
5:58 am
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♪ we came in station wagons, campers, on planes to see what walt had built. ♪ forever young ♪ and what we found was a place that was always growing, but never grew old. ♪ forever young ♪ and now comes a celebration 60 years in the making. the disneyland diamond celebration. ♪ may you stay ♪ with dazzling, new experiences for the young ♪ may you stay ♪ and the young at heart. ♪ forever young ♪ come remember that feeling. ♪ forever young ♪ come feel forever young.
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now at 6:00 880 reopens after this fiery morning crash with injuries. we have the up-to-the-minute impact. >> curbing violence in the city of baltimore. the steps the city is taking to protect citizens and police. a change to classrooms all around california. what it means for your kids. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. first, mike nicco with a look at the weather. >> it's warmer this morning. it's not going to be as hot this afternoon. here's a look at live doppler 7. you see that 21-mile-per-hour on shore breeze through fairfield. here's a look at the camera. you can see how low that


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